Mimi & Brian Tie the Knot!

9-9-06 has passed! We are finally married!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Toledo Blade Announcement

With just a few days left before our anniversary, I finally managed to get our announcement in the Toledo Blade! We felt like one year was the acceptable time limit to make such announcements, and are glad we made it in!

See the online post here:
Brian and Mimi Trease

Also, if you're reading this and never received our thank you card from our wedding, please know that we're STILL working on them!! It's been a busy year finishing up school in Ann Arbor, but we WILL still get all of them sent out!

Allright, almost at the one-year mark now --- I think we just might make it!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Podcast: Engineering a Unique Wedding

Wow, my brother was right in his toast about our "all online internet" wedding. Now we've even been immortalized in an Engineering Podcast! The link below is to a podcast created by the UM ME Dept.. I knew they were writing a story --- I didn't know it was going to be a podcast until I came across it on a google search!

It's pretty funny, enjoy!

Engineering a Unique Wedding [ .mp3 ] (UM ME Dept. Podcast)

(Don't be frightened by the term "podcast". Just click on the MP3 link above for a direct download.)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wedding Soundtrack!

Now in stores, in time for the holiday season!

People seemed to like our playlist, so now I share with you the soundtrack to our wedding.

Prelude: Preceremony Seating Music
(No, we're not insane Coldplay fans. Those songs were just good filler in case we started late, which we did!)
  • Speed of Sound, by Coldplay
  • The Scientist, by Coldplay
  • Fix You, by Coldplay
  • In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel
  • First Day of My Life, by Bright Eyes
  • Another First Kiss, by They Might Be Giants
  • Such Great Heights, by The Postal Service
  • 'Til Kingdom Come, by Coldplay
  • New Slang, by The Shins
  • You Can Have It All, by Yo La Tengo
  • You're So Cool (Theme from "True Romance"), by Hans Zimmer

Processional Songs
  • Parents: Here, There, Everywhere, by Montana Skies (Beatles Cover)
  • Groomsmen and Groom: The Book of Love, by The Magnetic Fields
  • Bridesmaids: Magic in the Air, by Badly Drawn Boy
  • The Bridal March + Cherry, Cherry, by Neil Diamond

Recessional Songs

Reception Songs

Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (the kick-ass theme from "Kill Bill"), by Tomoyasu Hotei

First Dance (Waltz):
Ice Cream, by Sarah Mclachlan

Father-Daugher & Mother-Son Dance:
You Are So Beautiful, by Joe Cocker

Bridal Party Dance:
Stand By Me, by Ben E. King

Second Dance (Swing-time)
Nothing Matters When We're Dancing, by The Magnetic Fields

Bouquet Toss:
Don't Cha, by the Pussycat Dolls

Garter Toss:
Sex Machine, by James Brown

Twist Contest (winners of bouquet & garter versus the bride and groom)
You Never Can Tell, by Chuck Berry

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some photos on Flickr

Hi again,

Here are the first batch of our photographer's photos that I've posted to Flickr...
(These are the same as the previous posting, but just on a more accessible site.)


You can add comments, tags, etc., and you can also order prints. I'll get the rest up soon, and when I'm all done, I'll probably still post them to Snapfish, since I believe it might be easier to order prints there.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

1,000 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

1,042, more precisely, photos posted online, that is.

Yes, our photographer got back to us with our proofs last week, which you can for the time view at his website: http://trease.weddingherald.com/ [Update: This website is now gone. Refer to our more recent posts for links to our photos.]

You can buy photos from the site if you want, but they're rather expensive. However, we were given access to all the original digital files ourselves (on CD.ROM), which I'll be posting to my Flickr account soon (maybe Snapfish, too). From those sites, you'll be able to download photos, add witty comments, mark favorites, and order prints.

Also, note that this is only HALF of our photos! We still have the 900+ that all of you took, that I'm still figuring out when and how to put online. Patience! They'll be worth it!

Cool Beans!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Easy on the wine, babe!

Wine Sharing Ceremony

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Phonebooth Getaway

Phonebooth Action

End of the Night

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bubbly Bliss!

Since it's taking a while to sort and prepare all the photos we've received so far (over 900), I'm sharing this one now, just because I love it. Make sure to view it large. Enjoy!

Wedding Bubbles

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mysterious Pillows (Oh, so alluring)

Mimi and I received some great pillows from our BB&B registry ... big, white, fluffy clouds of luxurious comfort. And as much as we'd like to thank the generous gifter, we cannot find a name, tag, or gift card anywhere on the pillow or in the bag!

So, here's your lucky and last chance to take credit for yourselves. Or, if you're feeling devious, you can try to take credit for someone else's gift! Or, perhaps you just feel embarrased about purchasing bedroom paraphenalia and wish to remain discretely anonymous ... but really, we're married now, so speak up -- it's all OK!

Indulgence™ Side Sleeper Queen Pillow

Friday, September 15, 2006

Postcard Greetings from the Honeymoon

Hey everyone, we're having great fun! See you soon!!

Dingman Falls

Happy Couple

Color Coordination


At the Bar